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Small Law Firm (1-4 Lawyers)

The number of cyber attacks on law firms has doubled each year for the past three years. As a growing firm, you can’t afford to put the reputation of your business, or your clients’ personal information at risk. That’s why a combination of LPL and Cyber Liability insurance is right for you.

Medium Law Firm (5-10 Lawyers)

Once you’ve grown to a medium-sized firm, you face a unique set of concerns that require a unique set of coverages. And adding Crime coverage which protects against employee theft and embezzlement, as well as D&O which protects you and your board’s personal assets from decisions you make running your company is essential.

Large Law Firm (11-50 Lawyers)

Once your firm has grown to the size of 11 or more attorneys and support staff, harassment and pay discrimination claims can happen. It’s time to upgrade your coverage to cover these unfortunately common events. A basic policy is not enough to fend off unforeseen lawsuits and surprise incidents. Strong risk protection is your new mantra. Build on the foundation of legal malpractice insurance and insure your firm with coverage against crime and cyber attacks. Protect your board of directors’ assets in the event of a lawsuit. Prevent harm to your firm and its employees in the event of retaliation or defamation.

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Why Do You Need This Policy?

Legal Professional Liability Insurance provides crucial coverage for lawyers. This video explains how having the right insurance policy can help you deal with malpractice claims and introduces Embroker’s digital policy solution.

What types of business insurance do law firms need?

Cyber Liability - Data Breach

Vital insurance for any modern business that handles customer/partner data online. Protects companies from malicious cyberattacks and their unwanted effects.

Workers Compensation

Covers the costs of employee workplace injuries such as medical expenses, lost wages, rehab, and more. A policy that is mandated by law in most states.

Business Owners Policy

A policy bundle that provides essential
coverages such as general liability, commercial property, and business interruption at a lower price.

Employment Practicies Liability

Offers financial protection from common employee lawsuits related to issues such as discrimination, harassment, failure to promote, wrongful termination, and more.

Commercial Crime

Protects businesses from financial
losses related to crimes committed by
employees and third parties
such as theft embezzlement,
and fraud.

Directors & Officers

Gives directors and officers the protection they need to aggressively lead companies by protecting their personal assets from lawsuits alleging misuses of funds, breaches of fiduciary duty, and more.

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